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How to avoid burnout: copywriters

Balance, wellness and other trendies
You and your friend have the same smartphone. But yours discharges in three days, and his — in five hours. Why? Because you answer messages and calls, while he watches videos, plays tetris and simultaneously searches for a couple on Tinder.
It works the same with any specialists. The bad news is that the resource is finite: if you work too much, it will end. The good news is that we can also be put on charge! Read on — we'll tell you how it works.
At first, the imbalance is invisible. But then there is no one to go out on Fridays, treadmill becomes a branch of your closet, and tingling in a tooth turns into… let's not talk about that
Burnout occurs due to an imbalance between work and other spheres of life. It starts with genuine workaholism: you are in love with your job, ready to take on tasks on weekends, and overtime does not seem to be a problem at first.
Reason of ignition
That's how a fixation on work starts. It gradually "squeezes out" everything around you: friends, hobbies, health, sleep.
Everyone has needs and they are to be met (remember Maslow’s Hierarchy and The Mayer’s Wheel of Life?). Abandoned life-spheres quietly wait in the wings, and then jump as a screamer.
So what?
Here comes the feeling that everything is against you and even greater exhaustion (the pace of work has to be maintained, but other things also now require attention). This leads to a complete depletion of internal resources.
The causes and external manifestations of burnout are the same for us as for other specialists. But there is also a special kind of tiredness: when it’s no longer possible to write at all. How to cope with it?
Traditionally, they interrupted SWORDS’ work and broke into the editorial Discord chat with this question. Let's see the answers.
What about copywriters?
Oh, party-party yeah
Writer, at lunch
Zhanna Azaryan
Be like Zhanna: listen to yourself carefully and free some time for "non-copywriting" cases. This relaxes the mind overloaded with texts. Plus, it helps to find those spheres of life that already require attention.
Have you noticed? Zhanna meets her needs on weekends and does not even touch her work: all chats are silent, texts are put aside. Whoosh! Inspiration and strength immediately come back.
It's great that Zhanna listens to herself. "What do I want: hang out with friends or stay at home?". This is how the balance lost during the week is restored.
Ventilate your mind
Writer, that guy
Gosha Matavkin
Be like Gosha: don't be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of your work and start a discussion. It can help you to find a new idea that will inspire you. At least this will reduce the overload, which is important in a state close to burnout.
Gosha knows that during intensive work (especially if you write a lot for the same client), his mind can get "stuffy". Therefore, he "opens the window" and lets in ideas from colleagues.
Write, inscribe, type, compose
Chief editor, wet blanket
Rita Vasina
In the end it will help you to put an internal "tick": "Wow, I’m still up to the knocker!" This is very important to support yourself in moments of tiredness.
Be like Rita: refresh texts with synonyms. Even if you have to write like a conveyor (we all wrote emails for Black Friday, right____), you can improve your texts and enjoy the result.
Rita knows from experience: sometimes there is no more strength, but it is still necessary to write. Therefore, he takes a dictionary as his assistant: so the load on the tired mind is reduced again, and creativity is born by itself.
Break your fall
Look who’s here — Gosha!
Wow, Rita is also here
One day, the SWORDS came up with 270 button options (270, Carl!) for email newsletters. Now when our creativity approaches zero, we choose something suitable from that document .
Be like Rita and Gosha (one more time): while you are full of energy, make templates for buttons, subjects, headlines for Black Fridays, sales and holidays.
Let’s sum up
Take a break
Give yourself a complete break from texts and everything related to them.
Pull the emergency brake
Allow yourself to be alone, sleep off schedule and watch Netflix.
And you will notice which area of life is drowned in work and needs your attention.
Listen to your hea-a-art
Discuss the task together: it's easier to find a new idea this way.
Attack the offices of your coworkers
Look for synonyms and use word-maps. This saves effort and makes the job easier.
Use dictionaries
Prepare templates in advance: for buttons, subjects and headers.
Go back to the future
Here’s some inspirational articles
They will help you find new ideas when your strength is running out
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