Creative copywriting for regular emails of McDonald’s
What was needed
Goal of all campaigns is to increase sales by dint of emails, to expand a customer base, to increase customers loyalty and to inform about news and promo.
We studied former emails and figured out that texts are interesting, but difficult to perceive and too long.
We changed the design and texts so that the user easily scrolls the email and doesn’t miss anything. Offer and price are brought to the first screen, added more images to ‘body' and divided the main text into meaning blocks.
What have we done
We developed four approaches to change texts.
270 000 people received McDonald’s emails before the end of February 2022. We decided to select in the texts that the favorite restaurant is the same as the customers. It understands them.
McDonald’s employees are ordinary people. They cheer up with a cup of morning coffee. They buy a lot of food for the series on the weekend. They see friends and like to be alone. This brings subscribers closer to their favorite restaurant, because they are the same.
McDonald’s understands you
How we made the text
Implemented in design
We need the subscriber to think: ‘What was so interesting about this time that McDonald’s came up with?'
Creative ideas appear when we see a set of dishes for promotion in the email. For example, the name ‘Cesar Roll' is associated with the Roman emperor. We couldn't get past.
All creative
How we made the text
Implemented in design
There are emails that mix two approaches. For example, there is a series of four promo emails with horoscopes. McDonald’s understands subscribers again, because even those who don’t believe in it are looking for their zodiac sign in horoscopes. The series also motivated subscribers to open the following emails.
The idea came up again from the number of offers of technical task. There were three of them in each email. We made the first text and offered the brand to issue the following promo emails as the series.
How we made the text
Implemented in design
Look at other emails with horoscopes: second, third и fourth.
Juicy, delicate, crisp, nourishing, hot (in Summer is cold), sweet, fresh. These descriptions will help you want to eat right now. So we actively use them in emails, but at the same time don’t use it too often, so that descriptions aren’t for the sake of descriptions.
‘Yummy' description of products
How we made the text
Implemented in design
Now we write texts that are close to the subscribers. It’s captivating, entertaining and memorable. For example, we wrote New Year’s wishes in the form of a test ‘What kind of burger are you?', because everyone loves short quizzes.
The large and diverse target audience is cool. We always remember that among so many people it’s easy to find someone who wants to make a purchase after reading texts. Therefore, we try to write positively, jokingly, creatively, engagingly, but wisely.
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Marketing and management: Mailfit
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