Structure. Texture. Editing. If you need help not only with content, we’ll involve colleagues in design, Zero Code layout and communication settings.
We create content for business and image websites. In Russian and English.
Landing Pages and Websites
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We research the market and   develop the texture of the site in   5 days for   different businesses. Including for myself :)
? How Do We Write Texts for Landing Pages
Customers may like the design, but they stay with you for your content.
Therefore, we do not sell websites and landing pages—we sell a story about a business that will work and bring results. In order to create it, you need to immerse yourself in the product, focus on the audit and everything that you have: the audience, the customer journey, USP.
This is what we do before we start developing content. After that, we work out the structure of the website, design blocks and write the text.
And if you need a cool website or landing design, we can easily arrange it. We will do everything in conjunction with our colleagues from Grids.
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Tell us about the task, and we will figure out what we can do.
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