Creative copywriting for emails that make money for your company. And composing words for messenger marketing also.
Mailings for your Business
Who are we writing for
First of all, for readers. We communicate with them within any business: it can be e commerce or retail, FinTech or FoodTech, B2C or B2B.
? Guys, how do you write
With pleasure.
The benefit of the reader is everything for us. Therefore, we imagine ourselves as the subscribers before writing anything. We communicate with the audience as we’d like the brand to communicate with us. We speak with the people in the same language. Usually in Russian, but in English also.
This approach helps us write about complex things in a simple way, omit all this bureaucratic nonsense and involve our readers in the communication process.
We write easily. But we can use several storylines and write with multi-layers also. In general, we like to play with words and are always open to new formats [taking your tone of voice in account, of course].
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Tell us about the task, and we will figure out what we can do.
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This  is to our fellow Grids. If you need everything — this is to  Mailfit.
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