To increase the loyalty of any audience of any business. We write texts on various topics and can be your outsourced editorial office.
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For readers of corporate blogs and online media.
? How we write articles
A few words about our approach.
We define the purpose, the audience and the problem that the text will solve.
We draw up a plan and look for material of the article.
We consult with experts.
We write the text.
We return to the text after a while, read it with a fresh mind and rewrite it until it’s good [we try not to go into the cycle of edits, because it can never be perfect].
We design the text and involve designers, if they are needed.
The article is ready.
? Guys, how do you write articles on things you know nothing about
Someone people knit, others make cars, and our skill is the ability to understand the topic and tell everything about it so everybody would get it. Therefore, we dig deep, Google everything we need, interview professionals and keep up with them until the article is written.
Writing articles is a skill, not some kind of magic. We have learned this and trained well, so you can stay calm.
There is also a side effect in the work of editors and authors: thanks to a broad outlook and lots of new information, we think we would be bad at everything if we were doing something else than writing.
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