Kate Novozhilova

How to use Jobs-to-Be-Done framework in copywriting

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is a theory of user behavior that helps to understand how and why people make a decision to purchase something.

Let’s find out with the help of watering cans, jackets and bikes

In the light of JTBD-framework it is important to figure out, under what circumstances does a person buy a product and for what purposes does he do it.
This approach allows companies to create products that will be really useful to buyers, will solve their problems and match their needs.
Imagine a buyer hires your product for a part-time job. This job is to be done. Now the framework name is obvious, right? :) Products that do their job "efficiently" are usually more popular on the market (skipping all kinds of beer hats — they’re perfect).
The key essence of Jobs-to-Be-Done framework in a picture
And you probably also remember the "BENEFITS FIRST" of your editor-in-chief. JTBD is a way to detect them quickly and not make up unrealistic product features.
How JTBD framework helps to write texts
This method can be a great pivot when you don’t know what to write at all. You just use the real utility of the product and describe "before" and "after" which a customer gets when purchasing it.
DISCLAIMER __That’s a subjective part. Get statistics lovers off from the screen.
Customers are already sick of all these empty mottos: “So cool”, “high quality”, “profitable”, etc.
Does your product have a real advantage? So show it specifically. For example, "a swimsuit made of high-quality material" has less information than "a swimsuit that will not fade in the sun and after swimming in the sea."
The JTBD framework in copywriting is an illustration through a text. It creates the plot of solving the problem in the mind of a customer.
Plus, this method helps to increase the CR and OR in newsletters and other commercial texts.
Types of Jobs to Be Done we can use
And now the magic trick is coming___ The same product can be described both from the emotional side of JTBD and from the functional one (unless you are limited by the brand image or the target audience).
Imagine the puffer coat that was in the example and look at it through an emotional JTBD. What advantages are better to describe in this case? How will the jacket please the client and make his life better?
Exercise one
Now the same for rational JTBD. What problems does the jacket solve? How will it make the buyer’s life better in practice?
There is no correct answer. ___Copywriters are as unique as snowflakes. But the example is at the end of the article.
Imagine the product you sell and then ask yourself: what problem can be solved by the item you write about (here we find "jobs")
For a functional and emotional approaches
Tutorial of using Jobs-to-Be-Done in texts
What is your problem??
Now we will offer an algorithm that will seem huge. But, we promise, all these steps take less than two minutes when you write.
It can be difficult at first. Let’s assume you have a random watering can. So what? It waters plants and that’s all. A good way to break a deadlock is to imagine yourself as a customer — a gardener who wants to change the watering can for some reason.
Now ask yourself again: what do I need it for? What’s wrong with an old watering can? That’s how you get important information
After answering these questions you realize: the old watering can is heavy, completely rusty and seems to know Franklin D. Roosevelt in person. But the new one is made of stainless steel, it is easier to carry around the garden, and its color perfectly matches the dwarfs on the lawn.
It’s not a bug — it’s a feature
That’s how you identify useful features of the product that will solve the customer’s problems. And at the same time, you find familiar images you can use in the text.
Now describe how the product obviously performs the function that the customer needs. It’s useful to ask yourself this question: what result will we get if we use the product?
The mic drop
And then show the final stage: describe how great a person's life will change after the purchase.
The JTBD framework is a delicate thing. "Here's your sad "before" and here’s your glorious "after" is not what we need. Immerse yourself into the world of the target audience. And then show the benefits of the purchase in familiar situations and examples.
The moral part of the subject
The JTBD turns out to be an honest and conscientious approach. After all, you do not invent an abstract "profitable" and don’t lie to increase sales — but actually find a benefit and offer it.
You have dry food for cats — the usual one. The brand does not promise golden whiskers after a meal. But there are a lot of tastes!
Exercise two
There is no correct answer. ___Copywriters are as unique as snowflakes. But the example is at the end of the article.
Try to justify with the help of JTBD why the owner should change the already familiar cat-food to yours.
Explanation for those who like schemes
Or wants to screen, save and remember
The product you sell
Exercise three
There is a correct answer. Copywriters are as unique as snowflakes. But the JTBD framework is one and only.
Which descriptions are suitable for the JTBD framework?
A single bike for all summer adventures: in the city, countryside and even mountains.
Ergonomic and comfy saddle for really lo-o-o-ong trips.
NEW! Mountain bike TJX50−2.
Discover a world of new adventures!
From this point you'll completely understand the JTBD framework
Сheck point
One puffer coat for a season — isn’t enough! Buy one more jacket to update your winter looks.
This puffer coat will protect you from frost thanks to the thick duck down filler.
Exercise one
A shortened model will complement your look with a dress, skirt or even cargo pants. You will always look stylish!
Don’t get cold in the city! Adjustable cuffs will protect you from wind, and a deep hood will protect you from snow.
You can show total-look with a puffer coat and add a fact that the customer will be on trend this winter and will definitely gather admiring glances.
This puffer coat will survive for 3−4 seasons of active wearing and washing.
Emotional JTBD
Functional JTBD
Exercise two
Exercise three
You can describe the case from the functional side. There are many tastes, which means that the cat’s diet will be more diverse and lead to better health.
Or you can do it emotionally: take care of your cat and let it discover new tastes and emotions!
A single bike for all summer adventures: in the city, countryside and even mountains.
Ergonomic and comfy saddle for really lo-o-o-ong trips.
Here we immediately solve a customer's problem to buy one reliable bike for all occasions, and not to spend money on different types: mountain, urban, etc.
Riding a bike for a long time is… uncomfortable.___So many people buy special pads, pillows and even change saddles. But here we immediately say — none of this is necessary. You will be able to ride this bike for a long time and you will stay comfortable.
Project order
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