Creative Copywriting for Mailings of CRM Marketing Agency Mailfit
What We Needed to Do
If we were talking about some third-party client, we would write about it in the third person. But our digital publishing house grew out of Mailfit, so we write about it from ourselves. All texts in Mailfit were written by the same hands that are typing this case right now.
Mailfit wanted to share something useful about processes inside and around the company. Therefore, we decided to make mailings in the digest format in order to bring maximum benefit in one email.
What We Decided to Do
People who read digests are surely interested in the company's news, but they do love their time for certain. We took care of this and focused only on the main things.
We ourselves like emails written from the perspective of a real person — this gives an opportunity to use the author's style. Therefore, Lena Shumnaya, editor-in-chief of Mailfit, speaks about the inside of the agency on her own behalf.
See what first mailings by the agency looked like:
As you can see, back in 2020, we did cool design using vector illustrations and animation, for which Lena even had to record her emotions on video for our designer.
Further is more: we started experimenting and adding new blocks and descriptions, concentrating on usefulness. Thematic blocks with podcasts and other useful things appeared in the digest.
The layout has also changed. We were a bit tired of vector illustrations and switched to 3D and memoji:
By the way, in the latest redesign, our colleagues developed an animated logo, which became one of the favorite features of the digest:
After tens of digests, we came to this format of work: we throw in ideas and prescribe the structure, then collect the necessary information with the team and polish the whole thing to beauty in the end. One thing remains unchanged: the introduction of the mailing is written by the editor-in-chief of Mailfit.
What We Did
Combo of utility and creativity with CTOR 23%.
The digest has a well-thought-out structure: important materials are at the beginning of the email, and each following block is clearly divided by meaning.
to bring benefit to our subscribers :)
to find new colleagues;
to keep subscribers up to date with important news;
to announce upcoming events;
to highlight new articles and cases of the agency;
The main thing is that the digest helps the company:
We sent the digests to the Email-Competitors Awards competition along with other mailings for our clients. And we even won a couple of times in the nomination for the best copywriting. It makes us happy of course, but that's not the main thing.
We never forget about informational occasions — here, for example, are mailings dedicated to Cosmonautics Day and Halloween:
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